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Oregon Real Estate Licensing

Real Estate Licensing

Today it is very easy to start a career in real estate. In this market almost every brokerage firm is actively recruiting.

With our comprehensive real estate license study programs and our extraordinary support, you could be interviewing at one of those agencies.

A-1 Superior Schools, Inc. is an Oregon Real Estate Agency Certified Provider and has been training the region's top real estate professionals since 1978. Our real estate training programs prepare you for your real estate license exam. We also have real estate continuing education courses.

Oregon Principal Broker's License

The rules relating to obtaining a principal broker's license are changing.

To qualify for a principal real estate broker license, you must:

  • Be 18 years old.
  • Have a high school diploma, GED or international equivalent.
  • Have three years of active real estate license experience.
  • Complete the 40-hour Brokerage Administration and Sales Supervision course from an OREA approved provider.
  • Take and pass the new state principal broker license examination of 50 questions.

Once you pass your state license examination, you can apply for a principal broker license. The license application is not available online and is issued by the Agency directly to you. You then submit the completed application with the required fee and proof of completion of the required courses to the Agency.

To obtain a license, you must submit:

  • Original completed License Application obtained from the Agency.
  • $230 license fee.
  • Original Brokerage Administration and Sales Supervision course Completion Certificate.
  • When all of the items are received by the Agency, a Principal Broker license may be issued.

Generally, licenses are issued for a two year period. However, your first license period may be shorter. The full license fee is still required.

If you have been a principal broker previously, have verification of licensed experience from another state or any extenuating circumstances, contact the OREA Licensing Section before beginning the process at (503) 378-4170, select 2 from the menu.

  • Oregon's Real Estate Brokerage Administration & Sales Supervision Course
  • Oregon Principal Broker Course (B.A.S.S.)

As the owner of a real estate brokerage, you have the option to sell real estate or simply manage the business.

This role requires a person with a vision, and one who can advise and guide other agents in the office as needed.

Successful owners will reflect upon how to create an environment that is conducive to their agent's success.

Once the brokerage is established, you would be in the position to earn profit from other agents' sales and will have the opportunity for more time away from the office. This is a logical step for brokers seeking personal growth or furthering their business goals.

Our Brokerage Administration and Sales Supervision Course is Comprehensive*

Course study includes:

  • Real Estate Management
  • Business Planning
  • Licensing
  • Office Selection
  • Broker Supervision
  • Leadership
  • Methods of Communication
  • Advertising
  • Office Facilities
  • Financial and Non-Financial Records and Reports
  • Office Procedures
  • Policy Manual
  • Property Management
  • Other Fields of Real Estate

Easy To Use

The format has numerous case studies, samples, and formulas to illustrate important topics and facilitate your understanding. Each topic is well written and concise and designed by experts in the field. If you have any questions while you are studying, we're as close as your phone, fax or email.

Oregon Brokerage Administration and Sales Supervision Course (Online Version) $275


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