SL 3039 Property Manager's Roles and Duties - Oregon

This Continuing Education course meets the requirements of the Oregon Real Estate Agency for 8 hours of eligible credit. The learning objectives include understanding the background and history of licensed property management in the State of Oregon. Gaining an understanding of property management as a profession. The course defines the licensing regulations, requirements, and restrictions of an Oregon licensed property manager as well as the continuing education requirements for continued license renewal.\r\rThe objectives also include understanding the various roles of a property manager, defines the differences in managing residential and commercial properties and describes the analyst systems used to evaluate investment properties.\r\rIt allows the manager to become knowledgeable of the various duties of a property manager, understand the fiduciary relationship between a property manager and the property owner and be knowledgeable about property owner responsibilities and liabilities.\r\rThe student will also learn the administrative rules regulating the professional activity of a licensed property manager, understand the legal definitions related to property management and how to use the statutes and rules when engaged in licensed property management activities.