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Oregon Real Estate Licensing

Real Estate Licensing

Today it is very easy to start a career in real estate. In this market almost every brokerage firm is actively recruiting.

With our comprehensive real estate license study programs and our extraordinary support, you could be interviewing at one of those agencies.

A-1 Superior Schools, Inc. is an Oregon Real Estate Agency Certified Provider and has been training the region's top real estate professionals since 1978. Our real estate training programs prepare you for your real estate license exam. We also have real estate continuing education courses.

Real Estate License & Career Info

Would You Like to be the Manager of Your Own Career?

Have you been looking for a career with exceptional income potential?

Have you been thinking about real estate?

Are you so busy you don't know where you can find the time to prepare for your real estate license?

Few careers offer the flexibility, diversity and extraordinary income potential as a career in real estate.

As a real estate professional:

You set your own income goals, what you achieve is not restricted by your employer.

You don't have to wait for a promotion (or look for another job) to increase your income.

You get to work within your own personality and values. Imagine just being yourself, not having to conform to an employer's opinion.

Real estate is a profession with an amazing diversity of career and income opportunities.

For example, there are many different kinds of real estate properties:

  • residential property
  • commercial property
  • investment property
  • farm and ranch property
  • undeveloped land
  • subdivisions
  • resort and recreational property
  • multi-family residential

There are also many different clients with real estate needs:

  • individuals and families
  • businesses
  • investors
  • developers
  • builders

Just imagine the possibilities...

You have the opportunity to work with all kinds of properties and clients.

You can develop a niche that represents your unique knowledge, experience or passion. For example, you could specialize in specific types of properties or work with clients that have certain needs or interests.

Of course you know that real estate is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes hard work and dedication to reach the exceptional levels of income that are possible in real estate.

However, real estate is not rocket science. You will find that your success will depend more on your desire ...attitude...commitment and perseverance than your education or experience!

By the time you finish reading this, you will have straight answers to such questions as:

  • What does it take to be successful in real estate?
  • Will I have to give up my job (or any income) while I get my license?
  • Will I have to arrange for child care to attend classes?
  • How far will I have to go to get to classes?
  • How much will transportation, meals and lodging cost?
  • What will it cost for books, materials and study aids?
  • How will I get help when I need t? How much will it cost?
  • How soon could I start?
  • How long does it take to get a real estate license?
  • What do I do once I have my license? How do I find an office?

Don't Let the Challenge of Getting Your Real Estate License Stand Between You and a Rewarding Real Estate Career.

Discover the Fast and Easy Way to get Your Oregon Real Estate License!!!

We are Superior Schools, Inc., the largest and oldest real estate school in Central Oregon. We have been serving the needs of Real Estate Professionals since 1978. We've helped over 4,700 agents get their Oregon Real Estate License.

However, before getting into the details of our program, let's look at the Requirements For An Oregon Real Estate License.

All Oregon real estate agents are initially licensed as Real Estate Brokers.

Until you have been licensed for three years, you must be affiliated with a supervising broker. In Oregon, that person is licensed as a Principal Broker. Once you have satisfied that three-year requirement you have some options:

You can, of course, continue to be affiliated with a Principal Broker in any office, just as you were during your first three years.

You can open your own office and practice as a Sole-Practitioner Broker without supervision.

You can become a Principal Broker by completing an additional 40 hour course. (If you were already licensed before 2002 you must take the State Exam (yes, the same one).

As a Principal Broker you are authorized to supervise other agents and manage your own office that can grow as large as you desire!

Whatever your goal, your first step toward a successful and rewarding real estate career is to obtain your Oregon Real Estate License.

To Obtain an Oregon Real Estate License:

  1. Complete the 7 required pre-license courses (150 hours)*.
  2. Apply to the Oregon Real Estate Agency.
  3. Pass the Oregon Real Estate Broker's license Exam, and finally...
  4. Go to Work!

NOTE: You must complete this last step within 12 months of the date you pass your State exam; however, you can instruct the Real Estate Agency to place your license on inactive status until you are ready to activate it.

* Make sure that your course section finals are proctored by a disinterested party or they will not qualify towards your Completion Certificate.

Introducing our NEW "Superior Advantage" Real Estate License Home Study Program

"Superior Advantage" is an advanced package, complete with everything you need to reduce the task of getting your Oregon Real Estate License from a Mountain to a mere Bump In The Road.

The Required Courses and Additional Study Aids with Coaching and Support by Professionals are all Included at NO EXTRA COST!

Superior Advantage is a complete home study program that combines the required pre-license real estate courses, study aids to make your work easier, and a proven system of coaching and support that will take you through the entire licensing process ...right up to the day you walk into your new office!

Superior Advantage allows you to get your Oregon Real Estate License without having to put your life on hold ...without having to give up your present source of income... and without having to sacrifice important family or other commitments while you prepare for your real estate career.

Here is a summary of the important benefits you will receive with Your "Superior Advantage" Home Study Program.

Everything you need for your Oregon Real Estate Broker's license is included:

  • The 7 required courses, each course in a user-friendly, online home study format.
  • 3,883 practice questions as you work your way through the 7 course sections, many taken directly from the Real Estate Agency's exam bank.
  • 649 additional practice questions in our Exam Prep... Including a practice exam which contains 60 of the most-missed questions on the state exam and mock-final exam with the structure and feel of the actual state exam.
  • A comprehensive exam preparation program to guide you through your final preparations for the license exam.
  • Additional study aids to make your studies easier and faster.
  • Coaching and support from the day you start until you walk into your new office.

The Director of the Coaching program is a practicing principal broker with over 25 years of experience in helping students get their Brokers license and has written all of our pre-license material.

Every member of the coaching staff has completed the education requirements and passed the Oregon Real Estate Broker license examination!

There are no surprises or hidden expenses.

Nothing has been left out.

There is nothing else you need to buy.

Envision the comfort and convenience of studying:

  • In your home.
  • At your office.
  • While on vacation.
  • Any time and anywhere you desire.
  • Maintain your present commitments to your job, family and friends.
  • Keep your present source of income while preparing for your new career.
  • There are no classes to attend.
  • No demanding, rigid class schedules.
  • You won't miss lectures and have to struggle to catch up.
  • You won't have to drop what you are doing to get to class.
  • You won't have to endure uncomfortable chairs, poor acoustics or rooms that are too cold, too hot or too stuffy.
  • There are no boring, rambling classroom discussions to waste your time.
  • Help and support when you need it...not just when class is in session. You set your own study schedule.
  • Study at your convenience, not someone else's.
  • Learn at your pace...not the 'one-size-fits-all' pace of a classroom.
  • You will have all the help and support you need.
  • You'll have coaching and support from the day you start your studies until you pass your Oregon real estate license exam.
  • You will save money with the "STS Advantage" Home Study Program.
  • Keep your present source of income while you study.
  • You won't have to take leave without pay.
  • Save your hard-earned vacation time until you pass your license exam.
  • Avoid the cost associated with classes ...meals...transportation or lodging.
  • You avoid baby sitting or day care expenses to go to school.
  • You have the freedom to study when and where you want.
  • There is nothing left to buy. All study material, study aids, reference items, test taking tips, exam preparation program, and personalized coaching are included at no extra cost. If you choose, you have up to a full year to complete the course.
  • Imagine how efficient and effective you will be because you are able to control:
  • When to study. Where to study. How fast you move through the material. You can move rapidly through material you find easy, and yet take all the time you need to with unfamiliar or complex topics.
  • And, of course, you can get personalized coaching and help when you need it.

Are you in a hurry or would you prefer a leisurely pace?

The "STS Advantage" Home Study Program allows you to complete the courses on a fast track because you control your pace. That is not true for programs that are tied to rigid class schedules or school hours.

Perhaps you are not quite ready to launch into a real estate career, but would like to get the licensing requirements out of the way so you can begin when the time is right for you.

You are not under any pressure because you have 12 months to complete your studies.

In any will not find a program that is more...

  • Comprehensive
  • Supportive
  • Risk-Free
  • Faster or
  • Better
  • Than Your "Superior Advantage" Home Study Program.

Don't just take our word for it, click HERE to read what some recent students are saying about our program.

A Word of Caution

Do not purchase any program for your Oregon Real Estate License unless it meets the following 7 criteria:

If you have searched the Internet to find what you need for your Oregon real estate license you are probably confused! You will find dozens of web sites offering exam prep products costing less than $100 that "guarantee" you will pass the Oregon programs costing more than $1000 that don't.

Here are 7 criteria that will ensure that you invest in a program that meets your needs and expectations:

  1. First of all, you need to be aware that specific courses are mandated for a real estate license in Oregon. You will not be able to obtain an Oregon Real Estate License until you have completed those specific courses.

    While you are permitted to take the license exam before you finish the courses (even before you start the courses, if you are so inclined), passing the exam does not eliminate the requirement to complete the required 150 hours of courses.

    Some internet sites offer "exam preparation" products implying (either directly or by omission) that you can get your Oregon real estate license simply by passing the license examination (using their product, of course).....that is not true!

    The seven courses are required, even if you have previously held a real estate license in Oregon or any other state.

    It is true that the Oregon Real Estate Agency may waive a portion of the education and exam requirements based upon prior education and experience. So, if you have been previously licensed, you should contact the Oregon Real Estate Agency to determine exactly what requirements must be met for your Oregon license before you begin your studies.

  2. Purchase only courses that have been approved by the Oregon Real Estate Agency and certified by ARELLO (the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials).

    It is no surprise that the mandated courses must be approved by the Oregon Real Estate Agency.

    ARELLO (of which the Oregon Real Estate Agency is a member) has developed rigorous standards for distance learning courses and the providers of those courses.

    The "Superior Advantage" courses have met these rigid standards and have been approved by the Oregon Real Estate Agency. Thus, you are assured the "Superior Advantage" courses and the administration of those courses meets these high standards.

    There is a recent trend among other states to permit distance learning for real estate pre-license education. This has created an opportunity for companies already having a real estate course for their own state to adapt their courses to make them more generic and begin offering them as online courses in other states. By doing this, they avoid the considerable expense of establishing an educational facility and staff in each state.

    There is one minor problem with this trend...

    While there can be a lot of similarities in the basics of real estate laws and practices across some states, there are a number of significant differences!

    The real estate language in Massachusetts, for example, is vastly different than the language used in Oregon. A word that is in common use in one state may not be used in another. Any two states could be using a different term to describe the same principle. You want to be sure you are using material that is specific to Oregon's laws and regulations.

    Ask the course seller if the course was developed specifically for the Oregon Real Estate License...or was it adapted from another course. If the course was not initially created for Oregon, what was the origin of the course and was the adaptation done by someone with extensive actual experience in Oregon real estate laws, regulations and practice and if the course is ARELLO approved for distance learning in Oregon.

    If you have a question whether a real estate program is approved for Oregon, the Oregon Real Estate Agency maintains a list of approved courses and providers.

    Superior Schools has been a licensed private career school in Oregon since 1978. The courses are certified by ARELLO and are approved by the Oregon Real Estate Agency. You are assured that the completion certificates we issue will be accepted for your Oregon Real Estate License.

  3. What is not obvious to the consumer is that schools (providers) selling courses to students for their Oregon Real Estate License also must be licensed by the Oregon Department of Education. To become licensed, schools must be located in Oregon.

  4. The courses you purchase should be part of a total package including a guided program for preparing for your State licensing exam (exam prep) and professional coaching and support that continues after you have completed the courses and are preparing for the State license exam.

    A formal exam preparation program is not part of the State's licensing requirements...the Real Estate Agency will only require that the courses be completed and that you pass the licensing exam.

    However, you will want some sort of additional exam preparation program (with continued support and coaching) to guide you through your final review for the State exam. You shouldn't have to face the rather daunting task of preparing for the actual exam without materials developed for that purpose and professional guidance and support.

    The school providing your courses should have practice exams that are specifically tailored for the Oregon Real Estate Broker's license examination ...and...a recommended procedure for exam preparation. Our term for this is "Exam Prep."

    If the school you purchase your courses from charges an additional fee for exam prep, be sure you are aware of those costs before you make your decision about which program to purchase.

    Your "Superior Advantage" program includes our comprehensive Exam Prep program, complete with our coaching and support at NO EXTRA COST!

  5. Practice exams in the courses, and those in your exam preparation, must reflect Oregon's unique real estate laws and regulations.

    Avoid generic practice exams like the plague! As mentioned before (in recommendation #2), every state's laws and regulations are different. With generic practice questions, you will be confronted and confused with different terminology, unfamiliar structure of the questions, and questions (or answers) that may actually be contrary to Oregon's laws and regulations.

    A prime example would be questions from other states that use the two-tier licensing system (the entry level Salesperson's license and the advance level Broker's license). In those states, the Salesperson is affiliated with and under the supervision of a Broker.

    In Oregon, the entry level position is licensed as a Broker and is affiliated with and under the supervision of a Principal Broker. A "broker" in another state has different (more) responsibilities than a Broker in Oregon. An Oregon Broker (entry level) has somewhat different (more) responsibilities than a Salesperson in other states.

    Can you imagine how confusing (and potentially damaging) those generic questions might be to you? It would seem as if those questions were written in another language...and, in effect, they are ...another state's real estate language!

    In this regard, be especially wary of exam prep materials offered by some companies that advertise practice exams for an Oregon real estate license. Most of these inexpensive exam prep products promise that you will pass the state exam or you can get your money back. Big deal.....they are not risking as much as you are!

    These inexpensive programs rely heavily on generic questions. That is the only way they are able to mass-produce practice exams for every state in the union. With some questions, they have merely substituted "Oregon" for another state. As a result, the answers to some questions actually contradict Oregon's current real estate laws and regulations.

    All of the questions in the "Superior Advantage" program are specific to Oregon's language, regulations and practices. They are all structured to Oregon's exam questions and format...and many are taken directly from the Oregon Real Estate Agency's published database of questions as well as from current and recent actual exams.

  6. Make certain that professional coaching and support are readily available throughout your studies and preparation for the State license exam.

    Some questions for you to think about: Will you be able to get help when you need it? What kind of help is available? How do you go about getting help? Do you have to go somewhere specific to get help and will that be convenient for you? Will it be necessary to make an appointment? How long will help and support be available? ...only during classes? ...throughout your review and preparations for the State license exam and also after you have finished the courses?

    Imagine having coaching after you have passed the exam and are preparing to look for an office. You have it with your "Superior Advantage" program!

    Hopefully, there are no extra costs for this level of support from the schools you are considering. If, however, there are additional costs, such as a separate fee for a special "exam prep seminar", determine what those costs will be and factor them into your budget when evaluating which program to invest in.

    Our FREE coaching and support is available in person... by e-Mail...or by FAX at no extra cost. AND, this FREE coaching is available for the asking until you walk into you new office!

  7. We have found that most students complete their course in about 4 or 5 months. Others need longer due to the demands of work, family, accident, illness, or other obligations and situations. Be sure that any program you purchase will allow you plenty of time to study without being pressured. Passing your brokerage exam requires a thorough understanding of real estate practices and should not be rushed. Some courses only allow the student 6 months to complete their material. We feel that giving the student a full year removes any time limit concerns and we are always willing to offer extensions.

Here Are The Details Of What You Will Receive With Your "Superior Advantage" Home Study Program

Your "Superior Advantage" Oregon Real Estate License Home Study Program is a time-proven, tested program that has evolved from five instructors with over 75 years of real estate and adult education experience.

In fact, the Director of our school and coaching program is a licensed practicing Principal Broker and trainer, and one of those five instructors!

  1. 1: The Complete Set Of Seven Pre-License Courses

    This easy to use home study program contains all 7 sections required by the Oregon Real Estate Agency for a Real Estate Broker license:
    • Real Estate Law (30 hours)
    • Contracts (15 hours)
    • Real Estate Finance (30 hours)
    • Oregon Real Estate Practice (30 hours)
    • Agency (15 hours)
    • Property Management (10 hours)
    • Real Estate Brokerage (20 hours)

    Course details:

    You will appreciate the detailed step-by-step instructions to lead you through the courses and final preparation for your State Exam.

    You'll love the convenience of online, computer or printed course material, written in a conversational, dialog style instead of an outline format that requires listening to a lengthy recorded lecture. You can study anywhere, at any time simply by taking the course with you.

    You will be amazed at how easy it is to understand and learn the material because the lessons contain lists of Key Terms, Practice Questions (3,883 in all) and Case Studies.

    As a matter of fact, the entire program is designed for the student to master the material necessary to pass the State license exam in the easiest manner possible.

    Included in your program is the Exam Prep section, containing practice questions for your review and preparation for the State exam. (See the next item for more information about this valuable tool.)

  2. Comprehensive Exam Preparation Program

    As you complete the seven sections the STS Oregon Pre-License Real Estate Review Tests Exam Prep with 649 practice questions will help focus your review and final preparation to pass the State license exam.

    Adapted from a highly regarded 2-day live-instruction review course, these practice exams greatly enhance pass rates.

    These practice exams save time (and stress!) by keeping you focused on subjects appearing in the state exam and quickly identifying topics that might need additional study.

    We encourage you to take the two review tests associated with each course section. Then you move forward to the special 60 Most-missed Questions that appear on the State exam followed by the tests that resemble the two sections of the state exam.

    The entire Exam Prep Review Questions are designed to serve as a diagnostic tool to focus your review towards the questions that appear on the State exam.

    Completion of the Exam Prep after you have completed all 7 courses qualifies you for our Exam Pass Guarantee.

  3. All the professional guidance, coaching and support you will need - from the day you start your program until the day you walk into your new office.

You will be impressed with the quality and caliber of our professional coaching staff. The Director of our coaching program is a practicing Principal Real Estate Broker and one of the author/instructors involved in developing the "Superior Advantage" course.

You can call or email with any questions you often as you need. If you are one of our many Central Oregon students, you can come in for face-to-face help. One of our students from Hawaii came to Bend several days before taking her license exam for some last- minute tips (you can see Molly Hogan's comments on our testimonials page).

However, even if you are in Hawaii, Alaska, Arizona or on the east coast, personal attention and help is as close as the phone, email or FAX.

We'll coach you through the entire process... every step of the way through the courses and your preparations for the state exam. We stay with you until you pass the state exam and have your license.

We will even coach you during your search for your real estate office, if you desire. We don't provide a "placement service," nor do we make any recommendations for a specific office. You need to find the office that is right for you. What we can do is give you a strategy and some tips for conducting your search.

Your support is provided by professionals who are real people just like you...who can relate to your needs and questions because they have been there! Every member of the coaching staff at Superior Schools has an Oregon Real Estate Broker's license!

What is this kind of one-on-one coaching by professionals worth as you prepare for your real estate career?

When You Order You Will Get A Bonus "Toolkit" At No Extra Cost!

Because we want you to have every tool, technique and tip that you could possibly need to guarantee your success in getting your Oregon Real Estate Broker's License, we'll give you an exclusive tool kit containing seven no extra cost!

These bonuses are not available anywhere else and are designed to help you obtain your Oregon real estate license, the first time you take the exam.

  • Bonus #1: Oregon's Language of Real Estate is a comprehensive list of over 500 real estate terms that appear in Oregon's real estate exams and it is inserted in the course.

  • Bonus #2: Reducing the Mountain to a Molehill: 30 Home Study Tips And Tricks is a special report that supplements the detailed instructions that come with your "STS Advantage" Home Study Program. It is the result of our experience helping more than 4,300 students complete their studies and pass the Oregon Real Estate Exam.

  • Bonus #3: Taming the Tiger: 18 Exam Tips And Tricks For The Oregon Real Estate Exam. This booklet goes beyond the usual exam guide for taking an exam. Some of our students have even said they consider this the most valuable tool they received from our school.

  • Bonus #4: Is Real Estate for You? are 10 pages packed with details relating to the practice of real estate.This bonus describes the nature of the business relating to agency, clients and working relationships.

    Discussed are the key elements of a Real Estate Business such as Business Development, Client Services, and Support Activities. This is a must read for those wondering what the real estate field encompasses and what being a broker entails.

  • Bonus #5: Math Helper This exclusive and valuable compilation of formulas is designed specifically to help students pass the mathematical questions appearing on the Oregon real estate exam.

  • Bonus #6: Seven Study Secrets This comprehensive guide has helped hundreds of students create an effective study plan. Along with numerous study aids is a helpful tool on how to use your time while taking the License Exam.

  • Bonus #7: Settlement Statement Review The last questions on the state exam require the student to complete, and answer, questions from a separate sample settlement statement. This review will prepare you for the "pencil and paper" section of the exam.

We know that you have options in choosing a pre-license education program for your Oregon Real Estate License and that it may be difficult to know which program will be the right one for you. Too often the decision is made without fully understanding what distinguished one program from another.

Experience has proven that our program works.

If you are serious about your real estate career, doesn't it make good sense to invest in a program that gets proven results?

Click here to order now. (This will take you to our pre-license ordering page)


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