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Oregon Real Estate Licensing

Real Estate Licensing

Today it is very easy to start a career in real estate. In this market almost every brokerage firm is actively recruiting.

With our comprehensive real estate license study programs and our extraordinary support, you could be interviewing at one of those agencies.

A-1 Superior Schools, Inc. is an Oregon Real Estate Agency Certified Provider and has been training the region's top real estate professionals since 1978. Our real estate training programs prepare you for your real estate license exam. We also have real estate continuing education courses.

Oregon's Real Estate Broker License Exam Prep

If you have been studying for your Oregon Real Estate Brokers License and want to make the extra effort to assure you will pass the state exam, this is the perfect course for you. This "cram" course is the one incorporated into all of our Oregon "STS Advantage" real estate courses and has proven extremely beneficial to all of our students over the years.

The program is designed for students studying from courses other than those from Superior Training Systems. It was developed over many years as live instruction over a two day period just prior to candidates taking their final exams through the Oregon Real Estate Agency. It is now being made available in a more flexible manner for student use in preparation for their final exam.

The greatest benefit can be derived by studying this program just prior to taking the state exam. You should begin by taking the short quiz on the "Sixty Most Missed Questions". Then begin with tests from the seven sections that you have been studying. There are two sets of tests for each book. The Feedback and Most Missed tests will provide an instantaneous response of correct or incorrect. The Scored and Final tests will only give you a score after completing the quiz.

To pass the quizzes you will need a minimum of 75% correct answers. Only after passing both quizzes for all seven sections and the "Most Missed" quiz will the program allow you to take the mock "final" exams. These finals consist of 150 National Exam questions and 50 Oregon State questions. The questions in these finals are from actual tests given in the past by the state of Oregon. If you complete these finals with a score of 82% or higher your on your way to passing the Agency final exams.

Oregon Real Estate Broker License Exam Prep Online Version $30

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