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Ask Dr. Real Estate

Superior Schools is privileged to be able to offer nationally known writer Dr. Kenneth Edwards' ongoing series of real estate career advice articles to help the practicing broker.

Ken is a successful Real Estate Broker, Author, and Educator and obtained his Doctorate of Education from the University of California, Berkeley.

His credentials include Book Review Editor and Feature Writer for Real Estate Professional Magazine.

The fifth edition of his highly regarded Your Successful Real Estate Career has been summed up often with such comments as "It's like having your own personal mentor" (Newsday, NY) and "This is an easy to read book that explains the profession of real estate brokerage like it really is".

The book is full of tips and information that can be used by a real estate professional throughout his or her career.

"A must read for anyone considering a career in real estate," (Scott Taylor, former Oregon Real Estate Commissioner) "It's the perfect resource for new real estate pros."(National Association of Realtors)

If you enjoy the following articles from Ken and would like to read more you can obtain an autographed copy of Your Successful Career in Real Estate directly from Ken, at, for $18.75 plus shipping.

Book Preview - Table of Contents

  1. Is Real Estate for You?
    It's a Great Life... If It's the Life For Which You're Suited

  2. Getting Your License
    Fun or Folly: Your Choice

  3. Choosing a Company
    For Better or Worse, for Richer or Poorer...

  4. Getting Started on the Job
    Getting Organized and Beating the Drums

  5. In the Beginning There Was... Agency
    The Real Estate Profession's Identity Crisis

  6. Real Estate and the Technology Revolution

  7. Listing Residential Property
    Finding the Sellers and Moving the Merchandise

  8. Selling Residential Property
    Finding the Buyers, Listening to Them, and Satisfying Their Needs

  9. Listing and Selling Specialized Properties
    Custom-Built Homes, Investment Properties, Rural Properties, and More

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