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Oregon Real Estate Licensing

Real Estate Licensing

Today it is very easy to start a career in real estate. In this market almost every brokerage firm is actively recruiting.

With our comprehensive real estate license study programs and our extraordinary support, you could be interviewing at one of those agencies.

A-1 Superior Schools, Inc. is an Oregon Real Estate Agency Certified Provider and has been training the region's top real estate professionals since 1978. Our real estate training programs prepare you for your real estate license exam. We also have real estate continuing education courses.

Oregon Broker Advanced Practices (BAP)

This course is required for your first license renewal by the State of Oregon.

With our Superior Broker Advanced Practices home study course, you can complete this requirement from the comfort of your home at your convenience. You avoid the risk of losing income and, as a bonus, you are also satisfying your 27-hour continuing education requirement for license renewal.

Don't wait until the last minute. You must complete the course before your first license renewal. If you fail to do so, you will be out of business until you can complete the course and renew your license! You will also be subject to late renewal fees.

You cannot conduct any real estate activity while your license is expired, even wrapping up transactions in closing is unlawful and would subject you to sanctions by the Real Estate Commissioner.

Our Broker Advanced Practices is Comprehensive

Course study includes:

Agency; Mistake, Fraud and Misrepresentation; Sources of Funds for Mortgage Lending; Oregon Residential Landlord-Tenant Act; Federal and State Civil Rights Laws; Trust Accounting; Ethics and Problem Avoidance plus many more topics of interest.

The Online Version provides interactive results to show your progress in your studies and you have the choice of printing out any of the information of interest.

Easy To Use

The format has numerous case studies to illustrate important topics and facilitate your understanding. Study materials are designed by experts in the field. Lessons are well written and concise. If you have any questions while you are studying, we're as close as your phone.

P.S. We also offer this class in an Accelerated Live Instruction classroom/self study program. Check it out HERE.


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