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Landscape Contractors Board Information


The Oregon Landscape Contractors Board recently revised the rules regarding the licensing of new landscape contracting businesses. These changes also affect any individual wishing to obtain their Landscape Construction Professional license.

Of the seven areas of study, the Laws and Rules (Owner/Managing Employee) course is now a mandated prerequisite to taking the Landscape Construction Professional License exam.

Superior Schools is pleased to become the first, and only, OLCB approved institution to offer the Owner/Managing Employee (Laws and Rules) course at this time.

For further details on study materials for the other six study areas, visit the Landscape Contractors Board web site.

New Requirements for Landscape Contractor Business License:

Effective january 1, 2008 any new landscape contracting business that is owned by an individual who is not a licensed landscape construction professional will need to do one of three things before the business license is renewed in 2009:

1. The owner will be required to take a 16 hour course covering the business practices and the laws and rules related to a landscape contracting business and pass an examination administered by the Oregon Landscape Contractors Board on these subjects: or

2. Designate a full time employed managing employee who is authorized to exercise operational or managerial control over the business activities of the business to take a 16 hour course covering the business practices and the laws and rules related to a landscape contracting business and pass an examination administered by the OLCB on these subjects: or

3. An owner of the business will need to obtain the individual Landscape Construction Professional License.

New Requirements for Landscape Construction Professionals License:

For those wishing to obtain an extensive Laws and Rules study course for their Landscape Professional exam and to qualify for the Oregon Landscape Contractors Board approved 16-hour Owner/Managing Employee course we offer the following complete home study program.

The Owner/Managing Employee Course (Laws and Rules) consists of all three OLCB required sections covering:

    • Licensing requirements
    • Contracts
    • Supervision
    • Claims/Dispute Resolution
    • Enforcement
    • CCB/Landscape Architect/Plumbing/Electrical/etc., laws
    • Lien Law
    • Building Codes; Permits
    • Safety Hazard Communication
    • EPA, DEQ Water Rights
    • Pesticide Law
    • ADA
    • Public Contracts
    • Unlawful Trade Practices Act
    • Federal Highway & CDL
    • Business Setup/Organization
    • Communication/Contract Administration
    • Change Orders
    • Work Orders
    • Accounting and Budgeting
    • Estimating
    • Time Management/Scheduling

Owner/Managing Employee - Laws and Rules Home Study Program

You can complete the Landscape Contractors Board O/ME course from you home or work. You set your own study schedule. This LCB approved distance learning home study course includes the Owner/Managing Employee - Laws and Rules Workbook complete with over 190 assignments, quiz, mock final exams and test questions to assure you the best opportunity of passing your LCB O/ME - Laws and Rules exam.

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