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Oregon Insurance Licensing / Continuing Ed


If you are a licensed agent, and looking for continuing education hours, click on the Continuing Education button on the left side or top of the page.

If you wish to obtain an Oregon Insurance Sales License, we now offer three different methods of studying for your exam.

For those wanting additional information about Oregon Insurance licensing requirements, go to the Insurance License Information page.

Should you have additional questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Insurance Sales

As a trusted advisor, those qualified to sell insurance offer valued protection to families and businesses.

The service you provide gives clients peace of mind, an assurance that despite what life brings them, they will have a measure of safety and security. For the insurance professional, there is a good chance of a stable, lifelong career; we will always have insurance, and people will always need it.

Many insurance companies are members of the Fortune 500, which means that those insurance professionals who provide superior service are a part of something big and will be rewarded for their skills and efforts.

Each state has different insurance licensing and educational requirements. To direct you to the proper materials you must first select the state or area of interest at the bottom of this page.

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